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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00000353   [ParaJVE]
featureassigned (parabellum)2013-09-10make "assemble source" work on linux
   00000361 A [ParaJVE]
crashconfirmed2013-09-09linux crash on exit
   0000034    [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Peripheral
majoracknowledged2012-05-09Two identical gamepads/joysticks cannot be used at once
  00000081   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Peripheral
featureassigned2012-02-20Add emulation for the 3D goggles
   0000033    [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Sound
majorassigned (parabellum)2011-12-08Incorrect sound emulation for VectorPilot
  00000061   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Sound
minorresolved (parabellum)2011-04-04Slight glitches in the DAC output sound (Spike)
  00000312   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Sound
featureresolved (parabellum)2011-03-09Emulate the "buzz" sound of the original Vectrex
  00000132 A [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Display
minorassigned (parabellum)2011-01-02Graphics garbage when displaying text in Moon Lander
   0000007  A [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Display
minorconfirmed2011-01-02Vector text position not properly aligned
  0000011    [ParaJVE]
majorassigned (parabellum)2011-01-02The keyboard-mapped joystick doesn't work on Mac OS X
  0000032    [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Display
featureassigned (parabellum)2011-01-02Render intermediate dots (vectors junctions)
  00000261   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Timings
majorresolved (parabellum)2011-01-02Most games are runnning too fast
   00000292   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > CPU & Chips
minorresolved (parabellum)2010-09-28Add VecFlash-cartridge emulation
  0000030    [ParaJVD]
majorassigned (parabellum)2010-04-15Add global support for bank-switching
  00000141   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > CPU & Chips
featureresolved (parabellum)2010-04-15Add bank-switching support
  00000281   [ParaJVD]
View > Program
minorconfirmed (parabellum)2010-03-19Reload cartridge does not reload listing
  0000009    [ParaJVE]
featureacknowledged2010-02-03Allow ParaJVE to change games without restarting
   0000027    [ParaJVE]
featureacknowledged (parabellum)2010-02-03Provide an editor to manage the games configuration
  00000121   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Sound
majorconfirmed2010-02-03Poor sound emulation on Linux
   00000252   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Timings
minorresolved (parabellum)2009-11-04Bedlam runs way too fast
  00000152   [ParaJVE]
featureresolved (parabellum)2009-11-03Provide a native launcher for Windows
  0000010    [ParaJVE]
textassigned (parabellum)2009-06-26Add Document section : how to tweak the frame rate
   00000212 A [ParaJVE]
featureresolved (parabellum)2009-06-26Implement a Save / Load feature (emulator state persistence)
   00000241   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Display
minorresolved (parabellum)2009-04-13Overlays are too dark
   00000222   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Display
majorresolved (parabellum)2009-01-20Fullscreen mode not available on Linux Ubuntu
  0000023    [ParaJVD]
Project Manager
featureassigned (parabellum)2009-01-20Add a project management module
   0000019    [ParaJVE]
featureconfirmed (parabellum)2009-01-19Split the configuration.xml file into 2 different files
  00000185   [ParaJVD]
featureresolved (parabellum)2009-01-05Add a new view : Screen Buffer
  0000020    [ParaJVD]
View > Watches
majorassigned (parabellum)2008-12-08Invalid difference highlight in "memory area" watches
  00000173   [ParaJVE]
featurefeedback (parabellum)2008-12-05Implement a generic way to add trainers / patches to roms
   0000016  A [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Display
majorconfirmed2008-12-05Lines not connected properly in Pitchers Duel
   0000005  A [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Display
minorconfirmed2008-12-05Graphics problems in Spinball
   0000004  A [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Display
majorconfirmed2008-12-05Major graphics problems in Clean Sweep
  00000011 A [ParaJVE]
textresolved (parabellum)2008-12-04Command line arguments not transmitted to the java launcher
  00000031   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Sound
minorresolved (parabellum)2008-12-03No cannon sounds in Solar Quest
   00000021   [ParaJVE]
Emulation > Sound
majorresolved (parabellum)2008-12-03No sound in Star Hawk


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